Falls Lodges - Isle of Mull

Self-Catering Lodges With Panoramic Views

Our Animals

We have a variety of animals on our croft - many of them rare breeds.

In fact our animals have been an inspiration for a children's story book. You can find details here.

Our animals include:

Our Red Deer Hind

a  Red Deer hind - she is in fact wild, but since we started feeding her she has become quite tame.

She is often seen in the field in front of the lodges.

This is one of our young cows:

A young Cow

We also have sheep, including this tup (or ram):

One of our Tups

Mind you, our calves can be the most cute:

Two of our calves

If you would like to book or have a question to ask us, just get in touch.


We also breed poultry which is often seen around the croft.

This includes our Nankin Hens:

One of our Nankin Hens

Our Nankin rooster:

Our Nankin Rooster

One of our lavender pekin hens:

One of our lavender pekin hens

There is even a peacock:

Our peacock 

And our dog, Queen, tries to keep them all in order:

Our dog Queen